Business and Technical Consulting

Transform Your Business

Transform, with Expert Consultants

Fianna Digital System’s team of experts work with you to identify and solve the problems that are holding your business back.
From analysing logistics and team management to implementing the right tech solutions, our advisors have the knowledge and experience to transform your operations.

Business and Technical Consulting

Sometimes it is easier to identify workflow progress problems from outside an organisation. However, once issues are uncovered and the right support systems implemented, a business can move forward with considerable speed, achieving the growth rates desired to meet targets and secure bottom lines.

The dynamic nature of business means that your venture needs flexible solutions that can move at the rapid pace demanded by an economy in a state of flux. Fianna Digital Systems provides the right support and technical advice to see your business thrive in the most challenging of times.

Business and Technical Consulting

No matter how brilliant your product or idea, without an interface that speaks to users it cannot compete in today’s overcrowded marketplace. Our engineers design your interface and apps with a creative force that makes your product unique.

Fianna Digital Systems helps you bring your idea to life.

We devise a strategy to help launch or revive your product or service.

Using the right methods for your business, we test and analyse your product before and after launch.

Planning and Analysis
We work hard to ensure that we’ve created the best UX possible for your product.

A/B Testing

Enhance usability, lower costs and improve your product with A/B testing. Our end-to-end performance testing solutions help businesses produce responsive and scalable applications that serve the target market.
Our performance engineers work with cloud-based and web-based solutions in worldwide markets to
ensure the highest quality simulated testing environments can be created to replicate the target market.

Customised Environments
Our testing services can be adapted to suit the needs of your business applications.

Automated Solutions
Our engineers can develop automated testing solutions for your software products on servers, web-servers, desktop applications, web applications, mobile applications and more.

Performance Testing
We validate device-level Memory/CPU/Battery impact testing of application scenarios and run stress-tests of mobile apps.

Test Labs
Our simulation labs save you time and money using cloud, web and mobile-based simulated tests that can be applied to regional or global markets.

Business Intelligence

By leveraging your data, Fianna Digital Systems can tell you the story if your operations, and how to transform your business using the right technical and methodical approach to expansion opportunities and sustained growth.
Fianna Digital Systems BI technology is adapted to extrapolate the vital business statistics you need to make decisions and map a scalable course in real-time.

Open-Source Solutions
Adapt open-source business intelligence platforms to suit your needs with our expertise.

Dashboard Access
We develop visually appealing custom dashboards and reports.

Integration Services
We can integrate your open-source BI with third-party software, data sources and web service.

Data Warehousing
We design custom solutions to integrate your data from multiple sources into a single system.

Business and Technical Consulting

With the right advice and technical support, transforming your business operations using the data you already own is easy.
From mapping to testing to launch, all businesses need to assess their progress and test solutions regularly to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

When you choose to step back from operations and see the big picture, you can appreciate the details of your business and chart a clear course for strategic growth that is sustainable and manageable, all supported by your own verifiable data.