Software Resale

Make Upgrading Manageable

Excel, with Trading Support

Make more from your business by reselling your outgrown software and hardware using our professional trading channels.

Fianna Digital Systems supports businesses wanting to sell software and hardware that is no longer fit for purpose and can also help with the disposal of end-of-life server, printer and other IT consumer products according to local regulations.
We support a wide range of products and can support you in finding new solutions that compliment your existing ones.

Software Resale

Fianna Digital Systems is your reliable trading partner in IT software and hardware for businesses. We work in overstock, parts sourcing, end-of-life disposal, trade, upgrades and best solutions.

Our wholesale and B2B trade operations are managed by a dedicated team that can sell, source and supply the software or hardware you require to support your business operations.

Deal and Trade

Fianna Digital Systems works with you, conducting market research, product sourcing, acquisition, logistics, and installation, to deliver the results you expect at the price we quote.

We have a global network and a trusted reputation, which means your resales and trade are handled in a timely and professional manner.
We buy and sell the following brand name products:

We focus on computer and server components such as HDD, SSD, SD, RAM, MB, VGA, CPU and other parts.

If you want to resell, buy or upgrade your business software or hardware systems, trust Fianna Digital Systems as your experienced, expert partner.
We offer resale services of your IP-owned software, under your chosen original brand name.