Know Your Market

Perfect, with Testing

Skilled testing services are in high demand as business recognise the importance of manual and automated testing to ensure that solutions are delivered, customers retained and products are relevant.

The ongoing testing of products and services requires skilled professionals to conduct tests and deliver analysis so that decision makers can make informed plans.


Testing covers a magnitude of services in business. From web testing to product testing, manual testing to automated testing, there is a wide range of skills IT testing professionals acquire to ensure that solutions meet the high standards of consumer expectations.

Fianna Digital Systems employees skilled software, web, mobile and design testing experts who understand the demands of the online marketplace and how users’ habits are evolving to develop systems that are initiative, appealing and robust.

Software Test Management Service

We follow a 6-phase testing strategy for automated and manual software testing to ensure nothing is missed.

Goal Setting
We define your goals, then set a roadmap for testing.

Design Test Cases
Tests are developed based on intended application use.

Test Jobs Execution
Develop a testing environment and run test jobs manually and automatically, then use results to report defects.

Process Closure
The phases are repeated until the solution passes all parameters.

Automated Testing

Automated testing technology is used to improve the efficiency of and lower the costs of software testing.

Automated testing tools operate according to predefined parameters and compare the results with the expected behaviour. Detailed reports provide answers to success and failure rates, and identify consistent issues.

Automated testing increases efficiency, especially for repetitive test cases, and is central to the agile testing development cycle.

Test Job Development
Our team develop automated jobs according to the requirements of the job.

User Action Testing
Predefined user-action standards are built into individual testing models.

Test Data Analysis
We collect, manage, and analyse test data to identify possible bugs or deficiencies in the application.

Reusable Tests
We write tests that can be applied regularly to ensure system updates and maintenance are successful.

Performance Testing

For online businesses, performance testing is essential to understanding the limitations of your delivery. Much like standing on a shop floor, performance testing gives you an outline of how your business physically presents itself to customers. It measures and evaluates site or app response times, reliability, scalability, interoperability, data transfer rates, efficiency and more.

Load Testing
Measure the performance of your system under normal and peak load conditions.

Volume Testing
Test the volume of data in the system to avoid overload.

Component Testing
Test and assess each component of your software product.

Stress Testing
Push your application to the limits and determine how robust your product really is.


Testing your products and services is essential to your business success. The testing services provided by Fianna Digital Systems examine online goods and services entering a crowded marketplace that has extremely high expectations.
Testing is an ongoing process that when written and conducted by experts can elevate your business from an idea to an institution.